Delft University of Technology
(The Netherlands)

The Computer Engineering Laboratory of the Delft University of Technology performs research and teaches the engineering discipline of how to determine, develop, and integrate software and hardware to build computing systems. The laboratory focuses on the definition of system requirements, from embedded to general purpose, their architecture and implementations, and the study and development of tools and software that allow improving the analysis and synthesis of computing systems. More precisely, the laboratory is actively involved in: computer architecture, machine organizations, network processing, mapping of application and algorithm requirements to architectures of em-bedded systems (e.g. multimedia), compiler technology capable of directing system requirements to architectural definitions and improve implementations, architectural synthesis tools for semi-automatic implementation of architectures, computer arithmetic and logic design, algorithms and tools for testing memories, built in self-test of logic circuits, automatic test pattern generation for combinational and sequential logic circuits, performance modeling and optimization techniques and tools.

In the past, TUD has much expertise and experience and has been working on the major issues in reconfigurable computing and has developed the Molen architecture that allows a smooth integration of re-configurable computing units in traditional uni-processor machines. The Molen architecture consists of an extension of the instruction set with a ―SET‖ and ―EXECUTE‖ instruction to separate the context setting from the actual execution phase. On the basis of the Molen organisation, a lot of research effort is spent on developing the Delft Workbench which aims to offer the necessary toolset for map-ping applications on such reconfigurable platforms. This architectural paradigm is also being adopted by several European and national projects. In this ERA project, TUD is the coordinator.

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