Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)

Chalmers University of Technology is among the top schools in engineering science in Sweden. One of the strategic areas is in-formation technology and it hosts one of the biggest computer science and engineering departments in Sweden with 150 employees of which 30 are faculty members. Spanning a spectrum of research areas from theoretical computer science via computer engineering down to VLSI design, one of the main areas is computer architecture. The High-Performance Computer Architecture Group at Chalmers, is primarily concerned with how to design future computer systems aimed at the embedded market as well as to the high-end computing market. A key focus is on design principles and methods to continue the performance growth of computer technology.

Traditionally, there has been two effective means to achieve high performance: exploitation of parallelism and locality. To that end, the focus of the research over the last 10-15 years has been on design principles for exploiting coarse-grained or thread-level parallelism. Important contributions include design principles for latency-tolerance techniques in multiprocessor memory systems using pre-fetching and relaxed memory consistency models and lately techniques to implement thread-level speculation. In terms of locality enhancing methods, the group has made significant contributions to the literature on cache coherence schemes, and in general on techniques to enhance the efficiency of cache hierarchies.

Lately, the focus has switched more towards design issues that are particularly relevant for embedded systems. To that end, the group has contributed with design principles and methods for how to design computer systems to meet hard real-time demands and to the design of energy-effective computer systems. The focus on multiprocessor systems since 10-15 years back is gaining significant relevance today for embedded systems as future microprocessors are likely to exploit thread-level parallelism. The scientific output of the group has been significant with more than a hundred publications in refereed international journals and conferences, a big fraction of them in the top-class journals and conferences.


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